Ovunque s.r.l.
salita della fava greca 3-1b
16128 Genoa GE, Italy

+39 010 831 97 40

+39 010 831 97 40

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Public administration

Web application to determine an evasion in municipal taxes crosschecking the data from the land registry, the energy provider and the payments made. allows the taxpayer the real time view of their own tax situation.


Web application originally developed for the Genoa province (where it still operating) where authorized users access to an electronic module for document compilation required by the law. It is capable to handling the generic information module compilation, calculate statistics and allows the module rebuilding according to the law changes and the data previously entered.


Applicazione dedicata al turismo, per la creazione di gruppi di acquisto dinamici per visite guidate. Maggiori informazioni su @toursharing o sulla pagina facebook