Ovunque s.r.l.
salita della fava greca 3-1b
16128 Genoa GE, Italy
+39 010 831 97 40

+39 010 831 97 40



The Ovunque srl offers a wide range of services to guide the best as possible the choices for our customers, offering consulting solutions, infrastructure analysis and a wide platform for reliable backup and web hosting.

Consulting We currently operate in the IT and process consulting. in both we are able to offer the complete solution following the development process in all its phases. Using the most modern techniques of software engineering such as extreme programming and rapid prototyping as well as proven techniques for writing formal specifications (logical/mathematical) with a next step of development guided by analysis. We operate both at the client offices and at our headquarters in Genoa delivering the finished product. We have qualified personnel for development with Microsoft and Open Source tools.

Hardware sizing We have experienced staff to analyze the real customer needs in the creation of the IT infrastructure. We can provide directly the necessary hardware integrating it, if necessary, with the previous installations. We design and install computer networks.

Housing & hosting We offer a robust and secure web-oriented infrastructure. We provide web space, backup server, virtual disk service. The customer can rely on us the own servers or use our infrastructure. All over protected with the most advanced methods for data protection and supported by a bandwidth availability to meet every need.